“You will become an addict. Once you make a trip to Africa you will want to go back again and again. You can’t help yourself.”

I smile and nod at my friend who speaks with such passion I think she may actually burst into tears. Just weeks before our African safari and travels in Africa the sense of excitement is building. But an addict? Really that seems a bit over the top.

After all we have been to a lot of incredible places. Surely a trip to African can’t be that much better can it? Meeting with Antoinette at Explorations Africa she concurs.

With twinkling eyes and a broad grin, “You will fall in love with Africa.”


trip to Africa


Photos To Inspire Your Trip to Africa


Giraffes African safara

Are these giraffes snuggling?

These two look like they are having a hug, or possibly a nap. Two young male giraffes in a quiet moment of neck wrestling. Testing their strength, the long necks hit, twist and turn. Each giraffe hopes to knock their pal off balance. The only sound heard between them is the dull thump when one long neck bats the other.


Cape Point South Africa

Coastal view toward Cape Point, South Africa


African Penguins Boulders Beach

African Penguins at Boulders Beach

Do you love penguins? Once known as Jackass penguins for their braying like chatter, African penguins thrive at Boulders Beach, South Africa. The colony has more than 3000 tuxedo clad members.


African souvenirs

African tapestries


Swimming Angels Pool Victoria Falls

Swimming in Angel’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zambia

Swimming in Devil’s Pool, at the top of Victoria Falls, is too dangerous in high water season. Here in Angel’s Pool the raging waters flow around us mere feet from the edge of the falls dropping over 100 metres (350 ft) below. This should fill any adrenaline junkie’s desire on an Africa vacation.

We still don’t see the pool, nor the angel for that matter.

Lion south africa

African male lion


Camps Bay Capetown South Africa

Camp’s Bay South Africa

On the backside of Table Mountain, the beaches of this suburb of Capetown attract tourists from around the world. Restaurants line the beachfront strip, similar in look to South Beach in Miami. Thankfully the prices are far more reasonable.


While resting between game drives on our African safari we hear a crash against a window in our room. After several more concerning thumps and bangs we find this fellow near the window sill.  The Yellow-billed Hornbill either attempting to deliver a snack or to nest with us. We declined both offers.


Wildnerness South Africa

Endless beach – Wilderness, South Africa


Helicopter tours of Africa

Helicopter view of Victoria Falls

Wondering where to go in Africa? Add Victoria Falls to your list. One of seven natural wonders of the world this is not just another waterfall.

Millions of years in the making Victoria Falls, known by locals as Mosi-oa-Tunya (the smoke that thunders) leaves visitors gawking open mouthed As mist rises as high as 400 metres (1312 ft.), this World Heritage site can be seen 40km. (25 mi.) away.

Black backed Jackal South Africa

Black-backed jackal

As if this fox look alike has thrown a black shawl over his back for an outing, the black-backed jackal wanders on his African travels. Monogamous in nature, the young pups often stay with the family to show new pups the ways of Africa.


Net Vir Pret Barrydale South Africa

Young member of Net Vir Pret – Barrydale, South Africa

It is an unexpected delight on our trip to Africa to meet some of the children of Net vir Pret. Working with children of disadvantaged backgrounds, this non profit organization aims to increase self esteem and confidence.

As we watch the children dance and sing, we learn this is just one of the activities helping to break the cycle of poverty and life on the streets.


Double rainbow Victoria Falls Africa

Double rainbow over Victoria Falls


Vineyards Garden Route South Africa

South Africa wine country – Stellenbosch

With a climate similar to the Mediterranean, the Western Cape of South Africa presents ideal conditions for vineyards. South African wines are becoming world renowned.  One could hardly do a tour of Africa without some sampling.


South Africa Zebra

Staring match with this zebra in Greater Kruger National Park


Coloured Houses Capetown South Africa

Coloured houses of Bo Kapp, South Africa

In the midst of bustling Capetown, the neighbourhood of Bo Kapp shimmers in a rainbow of vibrant colours. Previously called Cape Malay quarter, the sad origin of the community roots itself in slavery. Today the joy of freedom oozes from each of the brightly painted walls.


Rock formations Africa

Power of wind and water on the African coast


White Rhinos africa

White Rhinoceros

Very similar in colour to the black rhinoceros, the wide-lipped rhino may have been named due to a translation issue. The Dutch word “wijd”, meaning wide in English, refers to the rhino’s mouth. One day it is a wijd rhino and the next a white rhino.


Trip to Africa

Nuy Valley, South Africa – Vineyards at sunset


Long Walk to Freedom statue Nelson Mandela

Long walk to freedom statue outside Drakenstein Correctional Centre where Nelson Mandela spent the final term of his imprisonment.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. ” ~Nelson Mandela

Look Out Cafe Victoria Falls

View of the Zambezi River downstream from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

We blink looking at the menu. $2 beer and the best table view we have ever had the pleasure to see in our travels. With the place nearly to ourselves we declare this the best restaurant find of our trip to Africa.



Africa beadwork souvenir

African beadwork souvenirs in commemoration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup soccer event hosted by South Africa

Beads and beadwork have long been woven in the lives of African people. Uses include everything from adornment to currency, medicinal to spiritual. On a trip to Africa beadwork souvenirs are commonly found from street side vendors to shopping malls.


Elephant photo inspire Trip to Africa

Sunset reflections on an African elephant


False Bay South Africa

False Bay, South Africa

False Bay is known as one of the most scenic coastal routes in the world. Named by confused Portuguese sailors more than 300 years ago mixed up landmarks on their voyage, the name remains to this day.


Mopani worms Africa

Traditional African cuisine or culinary adventure?

Mopani worms are not worms at all. Rather caterpillars of a species of emperor moths. This of course makes the experience all the more palatable. Hubby advises they taste quite bland.

I felt I must draw the line somewhere on the adventure quota and declined the African culinary delight.


Zipline Zambezi River

Ziplining over the Zambezi River

We have ziplined before but who can resist this adventure of a lifetime. Ziplining over the Zambezi river with the mist of Victoria Falls as a backdrop. When we booked our Africa trip this wasn’t in the plans. How could one resist?


View Capetown from Table Mountain

View of Capetown South Africa


Mother cheetah and cubs South Africa

A mother cheetah romping with her cubs


South Africa Coast

Where tours of Africa come to an end. Next land stop Antarctica.


Black rhino Africa

Black Rhinoceros

Classified as critically endangered, seeing a black rhinoceros in the wild is a rare and beautiful thing. Poached mercilessly for their horns, the anti-poaching efforts and guarding of these amazing animals is occurring in reserves and national parks where rhinos are still found on the African continent.


Rainbow Zambezi River Bridge Victoria Falls

View of Victoria Falls on the Zambezi bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe


Cape of Good Hope ostriches

Ostrich family – Cape of Good Hope, South Africa


Table Mountain Hike

Hiking Table Mountain

You didn’t think we would take the cable car up did you? There are multiple hiking routes up Table Mountain however the most direct, albeit steepest, is the Platteklip Gorge.

Be sure to take plenty of water, snacks and a rain coat no matter how sunny the day is. This blue sky turned into a rainstorm. True story.


Cape Buffalo Kruger National Park

African Buffalo or Cape Buffalo

Should you want an eyeball roll from your guide on an African safari, I suggest you refer to this large bovine as a water buffalo. Not closely related, something like third cousin twice removed, this is an African buffalo or Cape buffalo.

Goring and killing more than 200 people per year, they earn their name of the big five list of most dangerous animals in Africa.


African sunset

End of day of African travels


Elephant reflection in water hole

Elephant drinking at an African waterhole

Mirror mirror in the waterhole, who is the most beautiful African elephant of all? Moments like this on a trip to Africa make me understand the yearning to return again and again. As if the elephant was playing with the reflection, seeing if the other elephant might match the trunk acrobatics.


Camps Bay Beachfront

The 12 Apostles of Africa

“I thought the 12 apostles were in Australia?” I whisper to Hubby as the guide excitedly points to the series of peaks rising from the ocean.

“Named by a British Governor who felt he could see the shapes of the various apostles in the cliffs,” the guide continues.  Perhaps a bit of something extra in the Governor’s tea that day I’m guessing. Of special note their are 17 peaks rather than 12 but who is counting.


African penguins and chicks simon's Town South Africa

Did we mention you can see penguins when you visit Africa?


Feelings inspired to book your trip to Africa? Pin these for future reference.

We received a discount on our trip to Africa from Explorations Africa. All opinions, thrills of a lifetime and photos are our own. Regardless of the discount we highly recommend their travel service.  Check the latest prices for tours to Africa.