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Travel to Santorini

Brush up on your Greek dancing. We are off to the postcard paradise of Santorini. This gem of the Greek Cyclades was once completely circular. In the late 18th century BC, some mother-of-all-earthquakes hit the island, destroying the entire port city of Akrotiri. Not 200 years later a volcano blew the entire island to pieces. […]

Mellow Yellow

I hope your cycling training has been coming along.. you have been going to spin class right? This week’s travel theme challenge from Ailsa is YELLOW and we are off to Turkey and Greece to find it. Above the yellow flowers, as if marking a forgotten sarcophagus tomb, in the ancient Lycian city of Myra, the location […]

Wildlife of Santorini

Wildlife of Santorini

Like Turkey, dogs are a frequent sight in Santorini. What is obvious is that the Greek dogs either have been taking meditation classes or are heavily sedated. Lying as if semi conscious in the sun, the canines here could care less if you are moving by them whether on foot, scooter or in motor vehicle. […]