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Why It’s Cool2Carpool to Mount Norquay Ski Resort

Ski hill Mt Norquay

Rows of snow-covered shivering vehicles crowd together as if in an effort to keep warm. Overflowing the Mount Norquay ski resort parking lot, skiers and snowboarders took advantage of Toonie Tuesday, a wildly popular charitable initiative once a month in Banff National Park.  From 2011 to 2017, on these select Tuesdays, a toonie (two Canadian […]

Where To Go Dog Sledding in Alberta

dog sledding in alberta

Can dogs smile? With their warm breath hanging in crisp winter air, the husky sled dogs appear to grin in anticipation. Dog sledding in Alberta is often done on snow covered lakes with soaring mountains acting as the backdrop. Either the dogs are thrilled with the view or more likely, the joy of running. Priding […]

Why Bighorn Sheep Ram Heads

Bighorn sheep

The impact is cringe worthy. Crashing Bighorn sheep, in the fight to be king of the hill, or the dominant male of the herd, ram heads inducing headaches of onlookers. Rising up on hind legs, a pair of Bighorn rams, charge each other at speeds of 32 km./h (20 mi./h). Weighing up to 300 pounds, […]