Venice Gondolas

Venice presents a maze of lanes and canals lending itself to tourists being permanently disoriented. Being an island I felt confident we couldn’t actually walk off and eventually our path to the hotel would become clear.

Hubby and I only managed to survive the adventure with sustenance from a ‘gelateria’ here and an outdoor ‘bar’ there. Some four hours later, many Murano glass and Italian leather stores explored we arrived back at the hotel. As the crow flies we had traveled all of 1500 meters.

Venice Canals

While Venice overflows in romantic atmosphere, wonderful food, centuries of history and marvelous architecture, open space hides elusively. Outings, particularly by boat, require a most cooperative effort for watercraft to squeeze between the confines of said romantic settings.

Venice canals

Watching this traffic jam we believed there would at the least be some loud Italian discussion between drivers. I suspected we might witness the utilization of the gondoliers wooden paddles on the head of Mr Motorboat driver.

Venice Canals

To the soothing sound of the gondoliers belting out their Italian melodies, the aquatic jigsaw puzzle pieces floated into place. No head smacking required.

Venice Canals

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Would you like to be part of this rush hour in Venice?