Switzerland is renowned for a lot of things, but still, it remains a bit of a mystery to most people. Perhaps because it is overshadowed by its neighbours, or because it is so expensive to visit? Either way, there are a few things you should know about travel to Switzerland before you head there for business or pleasure. Some of which may surprise you.

Chapel Bridge Lucerne

The famous Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

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History Is Alive In The Cities of Switzerland

Perhaps because of their wealth, but also their neutrality during World War II, Switzerland has a serious amount of historic buildings in great shape. From the main cities like Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne and Basel, to even the small towns of Stein-am-Rhein and Gruyere, there is history absolutely everywhere you go. That also means you get stunning old towns and view to go with it.

Views of what? You might ask…


Mountains! There Are Mountains, Everywhere

One of the first things you will notice when you visit Switzerland is how flat it isn’t. That’s right, the country is covered in mountains. After all, it is smack bang in the center of the Alps. But even in the flatter northern areas, there are hills and valleys everywhere.

A view of the Burgenstock mountain from Mt Rigi

A view of the Burgenstock mountain from Mt Rigi

So, be prepared for stunning scenery and a lot of up and down, even when walking.


It’s A Very Small Country

Unlike most other European countries you might know or have visited, Switzerland is small. It measures only 220 kilometres (140 miles) across and 350 kilometres (220 miles) north to south. And, if you want a little context, it is around 250 times smaller than the USA and about 1/5 the size of the UK.

And we are not just talking land area either. In terms of population, Switzerland is also quite small at around 8.5 million. Compare that to Germany, their northern neighbour, which has 80 million, and France to the west, which has 67 million, and you will see what I mean.

That also means that Switzerland has a lot of open space which includes the mountains, of course, but also lots of forest, farming land and lakes and rivers. So, it’s the ideal outdoor wonderland to visit.


Swiss Public Transport Is Second To None

And maybe because it is so small, the Swiss have also managed to create one of the most efficient and widespread public transport systems around. It’s called Swiss Federal Railways  in German Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) the SBB. Almost every corner of Switzerland I have ever been to, and it is most of them (even the long, deep, remote valleys) has a bus or maybe even a train. Which also meant that I lived for 12 years without a car too.

And on top of that, the trains are (almost) always on time. The only exception is when there is a major issue like a power failure or accident. Which seems to happen more often during commuting times these days.

Polybahn Cogwheel train public transportation in Switzerland

Polybahn Cogwheel train up to ETH Zurich

So, if you are visiting Switzerland, hiring a car is almost completely pointless!


Travel to Switzerland is Very, Very Expensive

Switzerland is one of the richest countries in Europe, and probably the world. And as a result, it is very expensive to travel here. Even if your currency is strong at the time.

It starts with the food, which is far more expensive than almost anyone except Norwegians will be used to. So, sometimes, you have to resort to take away food to save a penny, or buy food at the supermarket for lunch.

And coming  for Switzerland shopping is also kind of pointless because if you pop over the border to any other European country it is bound to be cheaper. Except electronics I find, which for some odd reason are less expensive.

But of course, you have to indulge in some Swiss treats and Switzerland souvenirs to take home. Which brings me to…


Switzerland Travel Gems – Chocolate and Cheese!

If you have ever heard of or tried Swiss chocolate. Think again. That is probably only the commercial or “pseudo” Swiss stuff that they export for the unsuspecting. Brands like Lindt and Toblerone are seen around the world. Especially in airports. But some of the even better stuff is found only in Switzerland. At least so far.

Take a growing brand I absolutely love: Laderach. They have shops in all major cities and you can even buy huge chunks they break off even bigger slabs to take home! Amazing. And each city has their own local “chocolatier” too. Just Google it when you arrive.

travel to Switzerland Laderach Chocolate Shop

Laderach Chocolate Shop – with huge slabs of chocolate you have to try!

And now for cheese. And no, not “Swiss Cheese” with holes in it. That is one of the worst you can eat. At least in my opinion. It is actually called Emmental, and comes from near Bern, the capital. There are dozens of other tastier and more local cheeses you have to try. Just head to the local supermarket cheese section and go crazy. Or buy a local Bergkase when you are out in the mountainous areas. You won’t regret it.

Oh, and you have to try Raclette and Cheese Fondue while you are visiting Switzerland too. At least once anyway!


Time for a Swiss Watch

If you are at all into watches then Switzerland is the place to go shopping. No, not because it’s cheaper, but because of the huge selection of brand name watch shops you will find in all the major cities. Everything from Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, Cartier, Tissot and many many more are here for you to shop. Or just window shop if you like.

And, of course, as the home of watchmaking, Switzerland is also absolutely filled with watch museums and tours. Everything from the more famous Patek Philippe in Geneva, to the IWC Factory near Schaffhausen, you will have more watch-making experience here than you have time for!

Switzerland travel Patek Philippe Office in Geneva

The Patek Philippe Office in Geneva


Swiss Are Very Punctual, And Quite Serious

This is not something that is likely to affect you while traveling in Switzerland, but you will certainly notice it. The Swiss, especially in the German speaking part, are usually very, very punctual. So, if you have an appointment with someone, even if it is just to get a key to an Airbnb or meet for a tour, try to be a few minutes early or at the latest on time. Because they will be waiting for you.

Oh, and all jokes aside, seriously, joking around and sarcasm in particular are not things you will find a lot of in most of Switzerland. Sure, they can have a laugh, but it is sometimes harder to break the ice than you will find in most countries. Just something to be aware of.


Most People Speak English, And Many Other Languages

One of the great things about travel to Switzerland is that most people, especially in the big cities and more touristy spots, speak English. Oh, and probably French, German and Italian too. Because Switzerland has four official languages, those three, plus Reto-Romansch, an obscure language you will only hear in small mountain towns in the South-East.

So, the Swiss are very cultural and often travel a lot as a result of this exposure to languages and because they are smack bang in the center of Europe.

Now, all you have to do, is start planning your trip to Switzerland! What are you waiting for?

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