The Canadian Badlands Passion Play - 2014Photo courtesy & with permission – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play- Drumheller Alberta

In a natural amphitheater near Drumheller Alberta, the Canadian Badlands Passion Play presents the theatrical portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The area is more readily known for it’s prehistoric attractions and dinosaur fossil treasures.

Performed three weekends in July, with a set spanning 30 acres, the show features 200 actors and is supported by 500 volunteers and is one of the largest productions in Canada.

Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Friends invited Hubby and I along thinking it might make an interesting blog post.

There is a danger in taking a blogger, or at least this blogger, anywhere. Once through the gate I slipped away from my three companions in search of photo possibilities before the production started. With coaching from several of you reading, I began gazing for interesting angles, different perspectives and unique opportunities.

Canadian Badlands Passion Play

And then I saw it.

Canadian Badlands Passion Playphoto courtesy & with permission -rob vanden heuvel

The three crosses on the hill. Instantly I thought  “Wouldn’t a photo at the base of those crucifixes be superb?”

Slowly I slunk over to the far right of the amphitheater.

There were no signs instructing me to stay off.

No one telling me not to go up the hill.

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play

With that I sprinted upward feeling as though a thousand eyes were on me. Turns out they were.

Hubby reports being on the watch for me and as he saw me making a break for it, he muttered…well I actually can’t write what he muttered, but suffice it to say he was not amused.

I crouched down at the foot of the crosses when the first boom came.” YOU! Get down from there! ”

I did my best imitation of being deaf and clicked once. ” Get down from there right NOW!”

Canadian Badlands Passion Play

One more click of my camera and I scampered down like a goat with my tail on fire. Hubby managed to capture the moment with his phone.

Canadian Badlands Passion Play

With the stage manager headed toward me a kind volunteer took me aside. I think she may have saved me from being thrown to the lions. She explained the safety issues and the worry that I might cause a stampede to the crosses.

I meekly explained I have this wee travel blog, as though it were a disease which primary symptom is the inability to control myself from taking photos.

She smiled and patted my shoulder, handed me a program and told me I could download photos from the website. With that a finger point to my assigned seating.

Upon returning to my seat Hubby was shaking his head and our friends were looking wide eyed but still speaking to me. Not sure if I will be invited out again though.

The performance itself was a theatrical masterpiece using miles of hills where actors magically appear on hilltops. The fitness level required to run up and down the inclines has to be extraordinary. I know my heart was racing after my round trip to the crosses.

Photo courtesy & with permission – Canadian Badlands Passion Play

I highly recommended the event should you be in Alberta in July. For information on tickets and location click here.

Bloggers may now be required to have security escorts.

At intermission the Roman guards were stationed about the stage, even backstage, not that I tried to sneak backstage….

Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Have you ever gone the extra step to get a photo?