London Tower BridgeLondon Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down
My fair lady.

As a child on a farm thousands of miles away from the bridge, that little song had me dreaming of exotic London. The picture in my nursery rhyme book amazed me and I would gaze longingly at it. Now the day was at hand to finally see my childhood dream….and you are telling me this is not the London bridge?!
London Bridge RhymeDoes this not bear a striking resemblance to the bridge you are telling me is not London Bridge?

No this is apparently Tower Bridge. You’ve heard of London Tower, that quaint little spot where King Henry lopped off the head of a wife or two. The beautiful bridge in my mind has been named after that. Disappointed I still marvel at the beauty of my childhood dream bridge.

Tower Bridge London

I turn to Hubby, “So where is London Bridge then?”
“In Arizona,” he casually remarks.
“You are telling me that London Bridge is in the desert?” I exclaim.                                                                                     “Yes, by Lake Havasu,”Hubby nonchalantly muses.
It turns out, and perhaps I am the only person on the planet who does not know this,The original plain bridge was built in 1831 and when it could not longer hold the weight of London traffic zooming over it was sold in 1967 to Arizona resident Robert McCulloch for a million pounds.

London Bridge Lake Havasu City, Arizona

London Bridge Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Word on the streets of London is that McCulloch actually thought he was getting the more prominent bridge.

The oil magnate vehemently denied that he had been duped and the bridge was reinforced and reconstructed at Lake Havasu. The concept was that tourists would flock to see London Bridge. Fair enough I had been pretty keen to see it myself. I wonder if the folks in Arizona are as disappointed as I am?

Tower Bridge London

So I sulk around taking photos of the beautiful TOWER bridge.

Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London

Check out the people at the bottom of the above photo for size perspective.

So as we depart on the boat heading West on the Thames I say to Hubby ” So there is no London Bridge in London? ”

“Yes we are just about to go under it.”

London BridgeThere you have it folks. Can you see the lettering under the ‘boring’ rebuilt bridge? Sad but true.

I don’t care what it says. London bridge still looks like the one below to me.

Tower Bridge LondonDid you know London Bridge was in Arizona? What is that nursery rhyme all about?

Photo Credit – London Bridge Lake Havasu City- Ken Lund Wikimedia Commons