The blame, or credit depending on one’s viewpoint, falls squarely on the shoulders of my cousin. Wandering the Las Vegas strip with his mischievous eyes twinkling came the dare, “Sue you should ride the red rooster!”

“I should ride the what?!” This reminded me of our days growing up together on our farm when he would suggest I climb a mile high tree or leap across some un-leapable body of water.

rooster Vegas

As if decades disappeared in an instant, transported from the Canadian prairies to the Las Vegas farmyard, or possibly circus,  I gave him my tough girl look.

“So where is this red rooster?” Actually rather fitting for farm kids to be seeking out the rooster when you think about it.

Where to find a Riding Rooster in Vegas

So it was at Las Vegas’ Chayo Mexican Restaurant that I beheld the great chicken,  excuse me, rooster, for the first time. Certainly not as formidable looking as it’s own cousin the mechanical bull, I pondered the situation.

Mechanical bulls have long provided practice for those looking to sharpen their rodeo  skills. I can’t say that I see  bull riding in my future career plans but still that red rooster in Vegas called out to me.

red rooster vegas

Mechanical bulls, and roosters for that matter, (one doesn’t want to have any of the livestock feeling left out), are run by a variable speed motor. An operator chooses the intensity of the ride. The operator and I would require a heart to heart discussion prior to any rooster riding.


It is at such times that I always am quick to share the fact that I am in my mid fifties. Creating a motherly, fragile boned image I hoped added a little insurance to safety of the rooster ride. Once convinced of a gentle rooster ramble around the Vegas barnyard we were off.


If you can get through the one minute video below without laughing do let us know. I’m not sure which of the following make me giggle more. My uncoordinated rooster mounting display, the clinging on to red rooster Las Vegas style or Dave giggling through almost the entire thing. It’s classic Sue and Dave that’s for certain.


Now the question is would you ride the rooster?