My clammy hands begin to drip sweat as we walk toward the attendant with our tickets.  Now here, the idea of riding the Revelstoke mountain coaster, leaves me feeling queasy. I love adventure but in all honesty admit a roller coaster and I have never been able to form a friendship.

Revelstoke Mountain Coaster

“Why did I think think riding this pipe mountain coaster was a good idea?” I whimper to ever patient Hubby. “Did you notice that pool at the resort I could be sitting by?”

“You’ll be fine. You can brake whenever you want,” comes the logical reply. Some hand holding and back patting thrown in for good measure.

“Let’s just watch for a minute before we go.”

Mr. I-can’t-wait-to-blast-down-a-mountain-at-full-speed quietly nods. More hand holding for nervous me.

The first cart we see rolling down the Revelstoke pipe coaster contains a Dad and a smiling little blondie tucked in his lap.

My hands seem less clammy at the sight of the parent child riding duo. A white haired gentlemen zips by letting out hoots of joy from his yellow mountain coaster cart next.

Hubby turns to me with a big grin. “I think you will be all right.”

Parent child revelstoke mountain coaster

The Revelstoke Pipe Mountain Coaster – The Real Story

I am a control freak. Hubby nods in the background. Traditional roller coasters and I battle over who is in charge of all of the swaying to and fro. The roller coaster wins every time.

Not so at Revelstoke! With a hand brake lever in each cart, speed is controlled by the rider. For those wanting a do-not-touch-the-brake 42km/hr (26mph) thrill, the pipe coaster happily accommodates over 1.4km (1.87mi) of turns and twists.

For those such as myself who want a fun, but less white-knuckled ride during the 279m (915 feet) vertical drop, pulling back on the brake lever provides just that.

Where is the Pipe Mountain Coaster?

view top of pipe mountain coaster

View from the starting point of the Revelstoke Mountain Coaster

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is home to the most vertical ski resort in North America. In 2016, the resort opened the Pipe Mountain Coaster for the summer seasons. Located in Canada’s most western province of British Columbia, Revelstoke is 410kms (256mi) west of Calgary. The resort is just minutes from downtown Revelstoke.

map Revelstoke British Columbia

After checking in at the base of the mountain coaster, the experience begins with a ride on the Revelation Gondola to the top. You can catch glimpses of the pipe coaster track and the yellow carts with squealing riders below.

Can anyone ride the coaster?

To ride the pipe mountain coaster alone you must be 8 years of age or older. Two people can ride together but the weight can not exceed 118kg (260lbs). The driver of the cart must be at least 16 years of age. The passenger must be 3-12 years of age and no shorter than 96cm (3’2″).

Suffice it to say Hubby and I were not going together.

The Revelstoke mountain coaster is open from May to October. Be sure to check the website for details.

The coaster does not run in the rain, thunderstorms or very high winds.

Rider pipe mountain coaster

Our special tips for the Pipe Mountain Coaster

During the high summer season the coaster is extraordinarily popular. Wait times of several hours are common. The popularity follows with the ride being perfect for the whole family.

If possible visit in the shoulder season when the crowds are less. We went mid September with no wait time at all.

Pipe Mountain Coaster Revelstoke

If a visit to Revelstoke can only happen in the summer months, we suggest buying your  tickets on line. Arrive when the coaster opens rather than at mid day.

Each Pipe Mountain Coaster ticket is numbered. Check the website for updates as to which ticket numbers are loading while you relax or take in other activities.

During our visit we stayed at The Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke Mountain Resort. That meant a very short walk from our room to the coaster. We talked about bringing our family another time. We could take turns with the Grandbaby at the pool and have our own kitchen and living space nearby.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort

What about those who don’t want to ride the coaster at any speed but want the view? A sightseeing ticket can be purchased to ride up and down on the gondola. A full breakfast buffet is served at the top of the gondola at Revelation Lodge.

Might I suggest Belgian waffles on the deck?

Revelation Loge Revelstoke

Take a ride on the Revelstoke Mountain Coaster

Climb aboard with Hubby in his Pipe Mountain Coaster cart. You will catch me part way through. ( Please note the video does not show the entire ride but we think you will have your share of fun!)


Would you like to take a ride on the Revelstoke mountain coaster?

Thanks to Tourism Revelstoke and Revelstoke Mountain Resort for hosting our stay. All squeals of glee and opinions are our own.