“I have an idea! Who wants to try parasailing?” I stood looking at my travel companions like an excited puppy, complete with tail wag. For days we had seen the beautiful parasail shimmering in the sky off the coast of Denerau Island in Fiji.

I had vowed our Fiji travel days would be relaxing. Parasailing looked very relaxing in my opinion so I really wouldn’t be breaking my promise.


After more than two weeks of listening to my ‘ideas’ for activities in the South Pacific, my enthusiasm was met with mixed reactions from my travel mates. Some were keen to sign on immediately, basically easier to just go along with the adventure nut than fight it. Others took a little more persuading.

“Think of the stories you can tell your kids about your travel to Fiji! How often will you be able to dip your feet in bathtub warm Fiji water? Look how calm and peaceful it is. Imagine the photos!”

So it came to be that the four friends went parasailing in Fiji. If there is an award or perhaps punishment for adventure pusher, I’m in the finals.

What is parasailing?

Parasailing harness

Unlike paragliding where one leaps off a cliff, yes we did that in Turkey but with a large Turkish man attached to me which makes it safe apparently, parasailing is indeed peaceful with the parasail is attached by rope to a boat at all times.

After being harnessed in, the parasail operator slowly winches riders away from the boat and skyward bound. There are no roller coaster, stomach dropping moments.

Any time a motion sickness bag is not in my hand is a happy day indeed. If you like you can be gently lowered so your legs dangle in the warm Fijian waters.

Parasailing sounds dangerous. Is it safe?

Parasailing Fiji

Harnessed in at all times their is no need to hang on for dear life. The harness has a back support so all the parasailer needs to do is sit back and be amazed by the views.

When doing any adventure activity be sure to sign on with a reputable company. A random boat that ties on a parachute to a ski rope should be avoided. Ask for recommendations from your hotel and read reviews to know you are parasailing with an experienced company.

parasail above water Fiji

Will I need any special skills?

Can you smile really widely? You will need to do that.  Oh yes and you will need to be able to sit in the harness. I can’t think of an adventure that would be easier than this one behind a parasail boat.

Colorful parasail

Would you recommend parasailing as one of the things to do in Fiji?

Absolutely! Be sure to read the waiver provided about any medical conditions not appropriate for parasailing. Those with a serious fear of heights may find parasailing challenging.

It would be the last adventure of our trip and I am delighted to report all four participants were smiling broadly. I told them it would be fun!


Want to see what parasailing is like yourself? Dave brought his trusty GoPro along so you could have a ride.

Would you try parasailing?

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