No matter how old we get, there are some adventures we choose not to tell our Moms prior to completion. Paragliding Golden, British Columbia fell into that category. Not wanting to induce any ‘what-will-those-two-dream-up-next’ concerns, we kept the paragliding plan secret.

Truth be told, while still on the tandem paragliding flight we realized our Moms had no need for worry. In fact they would love the paragliding experience in Golden themselves!

Paragliding Golden

Dave tandem paragliding ~photo courtesy Tourism Golden

Peaceful. The word kept leaping to my mind as our tandem paragliding pilots gently flew us over the western Canadian town of Golden.  The twisting waterways tickling the green forests below as though a giant artist had been painting a landscape.

The memory of the serenity of motor-less flight leaves me imagining myself as a giant bird. I wonder what the feathered fowl of the area think when they see these giant colourful paragliding cousins. Perhaps a bit of wing envy?

Paragliding launch Mount 7 golden

Nestling in its valley setting, mountain ranges stand as though giant protectors over the town of Golden. Add a duo of rivers, wide open sky and a bird’s eye view of Golden, paragliding is an adventure treasure locked in the memory bank.

Often travelers ask us for best view locations. For the best Golden view, we took sightseeing up a notch, or several thousand notches. Without the noise of engines, just the wind whispering magic, this view is the ultimate.

view paragliding golden

Where is this paragliding Golden experience?

Golden, with its prime location near six Canadian National Parks (Banff, Jasper, Glacier, Kootenay, Yoho and Mount Revelstoke), gets more than its fair share of natural beauty. A three hour drive west of Calgary, the town is in the province of British Columbia.

map golden BC

Mount 7, so called for the spring snow melt that forms a perfect 7 at the peak with the final snow, provides one of the best launch spots for paragliding in the world.

Hosting world class competitions, the launch at Mount 7 has been base for eight world records for distance and speed.

In our paragliding Golden experience no records were set. Most noteworthy my squeals of glee left several birds in the area deaf if that counts for anything.

Who would like tandem paragliding?

Do you like adventure? How about a 360 degree unobstructed view? Paragliding provides that without the adrenaline surge of a sudden fall such as bungee jumping or sky diving.

Harnessed to a pilot we ran a few steps before being gently carried off into the sky. Those of you who have followed us for sometime know I suffer from motion sickness. I had taken a anti nausea medication as a precaution. There was no need as the flight was smooth sailing.

Paragliding Golden

Sue sightseeing above Golden ~photo courtesy Tourism Golden

What about being fearful of heights you ask? This is definitely a consideration. However I will say I have found some hikes far more exposed than the feeling I had paragliding. Perhaps the perspective of being so high is helpful. Similar to looking out an airplane window.

Those with artificial joints or weighing more than 230 pounds are not candidates for paragliding. Being able to run a few steps with your guide during take off is also a requirement.


golden paragliding

Dave’s gentle paragliding Golden landing

Now grab your helmet and click on the video below. Come paragliding with us! Can’t wait to hear what you think! Would your Mom like to try?

More information on how to book a paragliding Golden experience can be found here.


Thanks to Tourism Golden for hosting our stay. All opinions and squeals of glee are our own.