Sliding down a mountain on an inflated tube? When I heard about Mount Norquay  tubing on snow, this Canadian farm girl who spent winters with her toboggan in search of hills, had to check it out.

Mount Norquay Tubing

Upon seeing the long tubing runs with people whizzing down on their circular puffy discs, I wondered if I had lost my mind thinking this was a great idea. My inner child wanted to head for the lodge for hot chocolate.

It turns out that with the wide lanes and protected sides, the Mount Norquay tube and I cooperated beautifully and safely. I giggled and squealed as though I was a ten year old and trust me when I say I was ten a very long time ago.

I knew we had found an activity to recommend for anyone.

Tubing Mount Norquay

Whether you have been on skis or a snowboard before doesn’t matter. As the ‘magic carpet moving sidewalk’ takes grandparents and small children to the top of the hill holding their tubes, it is clear this is a winter activity for the whole family.

Arriving at the top of the runs, sliding down can be a solo experience or with two or three tubes together, holding on to each others handles. The friendly guides are happy to give extra spins for those who like a little more action.

I declined any added rotations but many who went whirling down the slopes gave extra shrieks of delight.

Below is a 20 second video Mount Norquay tubing. You can see for yourself just how much fun this is. I guarantee it will make you smile. I’m still grinning like a little kid.

Taking advantage of our all inclusive pass we left the Tube Park and strapped on our snowshoes to explore some of the trails at the resort.

Mount Norquay snowshoeing

Whether you want to stay on the flat or find more adventure in the hills there is something for all abilities. Snowshoe rentals are available at Mount Norquay or you can bring your own.

Snowshoeing Mount Norquay

Who would enjoy a day at Mount Norquay?

We saw all ages at the resort from grandparents to toddlers. This family friendly location offers skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow tubing  and sightseeing. If you want to just sit and relax there are lodges at both the tubing park and main hill. To slide on the snow tubes children must be 42 inches or taller.

When can I go to Mount Norquay?

Mount Norquay is open seven days a week from 9am – 4pm. The Tube Park is open 10:30am-4pm. For full information on winter hours of operation click here.

How much does it cost?

Passes at Mount Norquay are flexible and can include skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sightseeing and snowshoeing. A full list of prices can be found by clicking here.

Mount Norquay snow tubing

Special Tips for Mount Norquay tubing

Wear warm and comfortable clothes. For tubing be sure your boots have good grip for walking in the snow to prevent slipping.

If you are coming to Mount Norquay to tube come when the park opens at 10:30am when the crowds are smaller. If you can come on a weekday rather than on the weekend or holidays there will be fewer people and the cost is less. We arrived on Sunday morning at 10:30 and had no waiting time whatsoever.

Tickets for tubing can be purchased at the Tube Park lodge. You do not need to go to the main building watch for the signs.

Snow Tubing at Mount Norquay

Would you like to try snow tubing? Or is snowshoeing more your style?

Mount Norquay Tubing

We were guests of Mount Norquay however all of the fun and our opinions are our own.