Having cycled in many countries, being chased by a street dog who seems to have his heart and jaw set on a Lycra clad snack, is not something new to us. Ignoring the exuberant barking and hot breath on one’s ankles remains the most effective method in dealing with the canine confrontation no matter what the nationality of the homeless hound.

Street dog MexicoMexican Street Dog

Several years ago, when our friends, who live half the year in Mexico, (imagine anyone wanting to escape Canadian winter), announced they had adopted a Mexican street dog, visions of those bike scene chases flashed to mind.

Had our big hearted friends taken on the impossible? Could a dog once scavenging on the streets of Manzanillo with thousands of other Mexican street dogs adapt to a normal home? Would Matty, short for Matilda, take to chewing on my lower limbs in some type of solidarity with her international homeless companions?

Adopted Mexican Street Dog

Not every street dog is aggressive nor keen on chasing those riding by on two wheels. However in Manazanillo Mexico, where it has been estimated that 16,000 dogs and cats have no home, an obvious animal control issue loomed large . A group of local citizens and foreigners came together to form PATA ( Personas Ayudando a Todos los Animales, simply put, “people helping all animals.” )

With the goal of bringing and end to the needless suffering of the animals and to stop human health issues, the organization provides free spay and neuter clinics. Fundraisers through out the year give life to this non profit organization. Below photos from Dog Jog in support  of PATA.

PATA Dog Jog Feb 8, 2015 Photos courtesy Marg McKenna
PATA Dog Jog Feb 8, 2015 Photos courtesy Marg McKenna

As far as Matty, she has gone from the life of a pauper as a Mexican street dog, to Mexican canine princess in a loving home. My mind swirls happily at imagining the stories Matty would tell her dog pals of the past of winning the street dog lottery in Manzanillo. I will say my skepticism for transformation has turned to admiration.

Matty, besides being the quietest, most well behaved dog I have ever met, won’t even glance at my ankles.

Mazniillo Dog Matty

To learn more about the work of PATA click here.

Have you met street dogs in your travels? Do you know of any other organizations making a difference in the homeless pet population in other countries?