Mention Mexican food and delectable tastes and colors spring to mind. I remain perplexed and barely able to tell a tostada from a taco.

Back by popular demand another food quiz, this time we test your knowledge of Mexican food names.



Below are photos of 10 Mexican food sensations we found on our recent trip. They are numbered 1 through 10. The names of the dishes are also listed separately by letters A through J.

Your job is match the numbered photos to the lettered answers.

Please place your results in the comments of this blog post.

For example A-6 B-3 C-2

NO cheating by looking at other people’s answers in the comments. Should you do such a thing you will be placed  on top of Mount Colima to document the continuing volcanic eruptions. You are allowed to use Google Translate without danger of being thrown into the lava.

Why would you want to participate in naming these Mexican foods? Well mainly it is more fun than housecleaning, paying bills or other work you should be completing. Besides the glory of such a victory the winners will be announced in a future blog post. If you have a blog yourself I will share the link to your blog as well as sing your praises from the social media rooftops on Twitter and Facebook.

Special tip – in some cases there is more than one food in the photo so the answer may not be as obvious.

At the very least tell me which dish you would like the most. Enjoy eating your way through Mexico! We certainly did.

Mexican Food Names

A) Tostadas de Costilla de Cerdo en Sals Rojo
B) Chicharron
C) Tostadas de Birria
D) Camarones Coco con Tequila
E) Tacos Dorados con Papa
F) Tostadas de ceviche Colima
G) Conchas
H) Ribeye Maitre d’ Hotel
I) Mole poblano
J) Robalo al Mango

Mexican Food Photos

Mexican Food 1


Mexican Food #2

#2(I know, not traditional Mexican, consider it an easy one)

Mexican Food #3


Mexican Food #4


Mexican Food #5


Mexican Food #6


Mexican Food #7


Mexican food #8


Mexican Food #9


Mexican Food #10


Can’t wait to hear which one you want to eat first! Special thanks to my friend Glo who helped me sort out my tortillas from my tamales.