“You have to be kidding me! Don’t you get a plane blanket on the plane?” Hubby is not amused at my new idea for an essential travel accessory. For years we have been dedicated carry on only luggage travellers. At my confession that my merino wool travel set is in the mail he rolls his eyes.

“It’s not like I have ordered a down comforter for the trip.”

I imagine he has visions of sleeping bags having to be worn as capes to meet carry on requirements.


“But really where will we pack a travel blanket?” Is that a note of exasperation in the voice of long-suffering husband I hear?

“Well actually it’s a travel set.”

I pause just long enough to see his eye twitch as though I have ordered a travel blanket sized for an elephant.

“It comes with an eye mask. Imagine how well I’m going to sleep on our flight to Asia!” I squeal enthusiastically.

“You already sleep like a baby on flights. Are you hoping for a coma?”

I am not to be deterred. However I will admit to being greatly relieved the day the travel set arrives in the mail. Light and soft, the compact travel blanket is presented to Hubby for inspection.

I demonstrate how it fits in my carry on, barely registers on the scale and will not be suitable for large animals with trunks and tusks.

Travel Blanket Angkor Wat

Skyark and Owl Linen travel blanket at Angkor Wat

Rolling the packable travel blanket, I show how it will fit easily into our small day pack on hikes or even cycling.

“What could you possibly need a travel blanket for in Southeast Asia? It’s not like you are going to be cold.”

Grinning I respond to not-as-patient-as-usual husband, “Well I will carry the blanket and if you are a very good boy I might share it with you.”

I’m not sure if his response is a twinkle in his eye or a now recurring twitch.

Travel blanket goes on an adventure

The fervent hope of rock climbing at Railay Beach in Thailand has sat longingly on my dream list for decades. Following the completion of the Thailand thrill of a lifetime, my legs wobble in post adrenaline rush.

As Hubby and I stroll along the flour soft sand I declare the need to sit down before I fall over in a dizzying state of euphoria.

“Oh and I just happen to have an outdoor blanket in my backpack.”

The grin spreads across my face as I give an extra bat of my eyes toward Hubby.

Beach travel blanket

Railay Beach, Thailand


“Knees, shoulders and preferably ankles should be covered,” instructs our guide at the temples of Angkor, Cambodia. No matter how far I hitch down my hiking shorts my knobby knees threaten to make an appearance.

By this point the plane blanket, that has thus far in our Asian travels, transformed itself into a tablecloth, beach blanket and pillow, becomes suitable temple attire. Although warm in the Cambodian sun, my blue skirt allows for entrance into all areas of Angkor.

Travel blanket as skirt

Angkor, Camodia


By week four of our travels in Southeast Asia, it becomes clear the travel blanket, no matter how versatile, needs washing. Now in Vietnam we send our carry on friend off to a local laundry vendor along with our sweat soaked clothing.

I worry our best travel blanket will return the size of a doll blanket. The next day it arrives freshly washed and folded and retaining its original size.

Arriving in Tokyo after the biggest snowfall in decades, our carry on wardrobe is put to the test. I detest being cold and have been known to whine when the thermometer plunges.

Like a magician setting a tablecloth free from a dining scene, my once beach blanket is released from its carry on luggage confines by none other than Hubby himself. He is not so keen on my whining. I refrain from any I-told-you-so chorus.


Travel blanket shawl

Tokyo, Japan


Did the travel set help you sleep on the plane?

There are some travel photos that are best never being seen by others. However this one for the record, somewhere between Canada and Japan, is the only photo without me drooling or looking like I require resuscitation.

I did share my soft blanket with Hubby on the plane but am happy to report the eye mask did not fit his larger noggin. Too bad, so sad, all mine.

travel set

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This post is sponsored by the Canadian company Skylark and Owl Linen Co. We received our travel set free of charge. All opinions as always are our own.