Jamaica ….Yah mon it is breathtaking. One quarter of all employment in the country comes from tourism. Not a wonder with it’s perfect weather and endless beaches. The people are extraordinarily friendly and given the statistics of what visitors mean to the economy the warm welcome to foreigners should not be a surprise.

Jamaica and Bob Marley are synonymous. With his reggae music fused with spiritual messages his international legend lives on. To find his likeness carved in what might call a Jamaican totem pole had me squealing with glee.

You may recall my recent post on Canadian totem poles and my question as to where else in the world one might find them. Jamaica did not jump out of the research or from reader’s comments. All right, these are not exactly thirty feet tall but still they tell the story of Jamaican life and perhaps many would refer to Bob Marley as a Jamaican god.

I leave you with one definite constant here in Jamaica; the offer of ganja. Although marijuana is illegal in the country it is as common as dreadlocks. Should you have a want of the weed you won’t have to look far. The beaches are public and as such friendly gentleman wander up and down offering conch shells, live lobster ( not sure what I would do with one here at the resort), cigars and purses. Should you not be interested in any of those wares …perhaps a little ganja?

If that isn’t your fancy perhaps some hash, nose candy, or ecstasy? I have had several offers, Hubby has had none. Really? Do I look like the usual ganja customer? I think the salesman had one too many puffs.

At any rate the good news is that most of the time the seller of assorted wares kindly takes the refusal and gives you a fist bump and with a wide smile says “No problem” followed by “Respect”. The security staff descend like eagles at any such conversation which send the sales people scurrying on their way.

It’s Jamaica. Yah mon.

Have you ever been offered something interesting to purchase?