Today Bill will be sharing sage, albeit sarcastic, advice on how to travel with a cat. His expertise on cats and car rides is extensive. Since Bill is a cat, and over his almost 20 years has had many a cat trip, he is a specialist in cat travel. 

For pet lovers considering a road trip with a cat, Bill tells all. With multitudes of international cat in car adventures under his collar, Bill’s savvy guidance on how to travel with a cat in a car is well respected.

Please join me in giving a warm welcome, and possibly a travel cat treat, to Bill. 

How To Travel With a Cat

How to travel with a cat

Bill contemplating advice on travel with a cat at the Grand Canyon

Let me be perfectly clear. Cats loathe cars. Vehicles cramp our feline style. They are noisy and vibrate. Most irritating to us, vehicles move. Cats detest that the most.

My best recommendation is never put your cat in a car.

When should you start preparing for travel by taking your cat in the car?

At about two weeks of age when their wee cat eyes are not yet open. At this point kittens are clueless to the horrors of cat trips in behemoth motion boxes on wheels.

We cats will never like to travel as idiotic dogs do. Those tail chasers leap into vehicles as though a beef steak is waiting for them on the car seat. Daft bunch.

However, should you accustom your cat to car travel with short and regular road trips, they will learn to tolerate it. Do not expect any tail wagging.

rest stop on cat trip

Sedating cats for travel

Although I detest the veterinarian, and yapping pups who slobber there, a visit before international cat travel is reasonable. 

For all you cats reading out there, cover your ears. You may require some shots.

I suggest much loud meowing and clinging to your owner as though they are the last life preserver on the Titanic.

Surely there shall be some cat treats in return for getting the necessary cat vaccinations to satisfy the border guards. Such documentation will also keep your cat butt out of international kitty jail.

The veterinarian may take pity on you and your owner and  prescribe some medication for your cat trip. Sedating cats for travel helps to control your anxiety and motion sickness. Did I mention we cats loathe moving vehicles?

Tell your owner to give the cat medication as prescribed. You won’t want to be in a cat coma at the border.

Travel advice for cat road trips

Strictly for medicinal purposes

What you need traveling long distance with kitty

I hate to admit that most cats are not nearly as well behaved as I.

Your cat may think scurrying under your brake pedal or chewing on your neck while you drive is a fabulous method of expressing displeasure during a cat road trip.

This frantic freaking out is a reaction to being confined in a refrigerator with wheels.

For the safety of all, cats and humans included, a roomy cat carrier will be required travel equipment.

For goodness sake don’t leave your cat in the blazing sun of a window, even while driving. If you notice, we have a fur coat to contend with.

Bring your cat’s favourite and usual food on the trip. Travel is not the time to change up Fluffy’s diet. Unless you want some tiger-like tummy trouble while transporting cats.

Happy cat happy car

Cat travel is stressful. Especially for the cat.

Bring comfortable cat bedding and kitty’s most loved toys. We cats appreciate pampering when we travel. Well all the time, cat truth be told.

sleeping cat in vehicle

How to travel with a cat? Keep kitty comfortable

Your vehicle may not have space for the home cat litter box. However a cat travel box where your kitty can feel like it’s business as usual is essential. Another option is to use disposable trays.

When traveling with a cat, bring the brand of kitty litter your cat is familiar with. 

Let me out of this car!

What is my top tip for travel with a cat you ask? Let your cat out of the vehicle!

If you imagine driving endlessly with your cat purring approval, you have had way too much cat nip.

The secret of how to travel long distance with a cat? Have patience with kitty and stop regularly, at least every couple of hours.

pet on leash in mountains

Cats and car rides mean frequent stops

Be sure to have your cat on leash or in a very secure location when opening the car door.

Those new to cat road trips may bolt out an open vehicle door as though twenty mice carrying cheese are passing by.

We felines can be unpredictable, especially under the stress of cat travel.

Cat at Grand Canyon

Lastly, should your cat be sitting at the edge of the Grand Canyon and several hundred people begin taking photos, ask for donations for the cat.

Imagine all the cat treats that would buy. Really you humans need to use your common sense.


image cat travel tips

With thanks to our good friends Joe and Cherie for allowing Bill to speak freely in this public forum and providing all photos for the article.


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