As dawn breaks, fog encircles the minarets of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. Sipping Turkish coffee, we listen to the calls to prayer reverberating from mosques throughout the city, where Asia and Europe meet. A decade ago we fell in love with Turkey. It is a love of the people, the culture, the food and the rich, bold flavour of Turkish coffee. Returning to Canada, we think surely we can learn how to make Turkish coffee at home.

coffee grounds in cevze

How to make Turkish coffee at home

What is Turkish coffee?

Using very fine ground coffee, the making of Turkish coffee is an unfiltered process. Coffea Arabica, believed to be the first species of cultivated coffee, is most commonly used.

Using a long handled pot, known as a cezve in Turkey, or ibrik in other locations, coffee, water, and sometimes sugar, are heated. Then the dark java mixture is poured into a small porcelain cup, or a kahve fincanı.


Spices such as cardamom add flavour, however the tradition Turkish coffee drinkers stick to coffee and water only.

Much of the fine ground coffee, flows into the cup while pouring. The grinds that settle to the bottom are for coffee fortune telling, rather than drinking.

How to make Turkish coffee at home

If you want to know how to prepare Turkish coffee, ask someone who lives in Turkey. Our friend Uncle Spike, who has written several articles on life in Turkey here on our blog, came to our rescue.

Not only did he teach us how to cook Turkish coffee, he mailed us authentic Turkish coffee powder for the recipe.

Brands of Turkish coffee

Brands of Turkish coffee

With his guidance, and Turkish coffee gift, learning how to make Turkish coffee at home became a simple process with a very tasty result.

Hence below we share a step-by-step easy Turkish coffee recipe. While the taste is delicious on its own, some sweet Turkish delight with your coffee will make the experience all the more authentic.

Even if one can not travel to Turkey, one can drink Turkish coffee. With homemade Turkish coffee in hand, you may faintly hear the warbling chant of the call to prayer.

Drinking home made Turkish coffee

Drinking homemade Turkish coffee

coffee grounds in cevze
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Easy Homemade Turkish Coffee

Delicious Turkish Coffee at home

Course Drinks
Cuisine Turkish
Keyword Coffee, Turkey
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 2


  • 2 teaspoons Turkish coffee heaping
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 2 cubes sugar optional


  1. Gather Turkish coffee, small Turkish coffee cups and the Turkish coffee pot (cezve or ibrik)

    How to make Turkish coffee at home
  2. Place the Turkish coffee pot on the stove. Fill the Turkish coffee cups with water and pour into the pot.

    Pour water into cezve
  3. Add 2 heaping teaspoons of Turkish coffee to the water. Heap the coffee as much as possible.

    If you wish to prepare Turkish coffee with sugar, this would be the time to add the sugar cubes.

  4. Do not stir the Turkish coffee powder in the cezve or ibrik.

  5. Turn the burner on low. When brewing Turkish coffee the mixture must not boil.

    Brew Turkish coffee on low heat
  6. As the water heats, the coffee powder will begin to sink

    Turkish coffee powder sinking into water
  7. Watch the mixture closely. Remove from heat at the point it looks as though it is about to boil.

    coffee in cevze
  8. Pour half of the Turkish coffee mixture into each of the two small cups. Replace the cezve or ibrik back on the burner for 10 seconds. Be sure not to let the coffee mixture boil.

  9. Slowly pour the remaining coffee into the Turkish coffee cups filling almost to the top.

    coffee grounds in cevze
  10. Serve the Turkish coffee with a glass of water. Garnish with a sweet such as Turkish Delight.

Recipe Notes

Turkish coffee should not be served with spoons. Our Turkish friends advise that a tourist can be spotted at a great distance stirring Turkish coffee.

Do not drink Turkish coffee to the bottom. The fine coffee powder leaves a sludge at the bottom of the cup. Turkish coffee is not 'good to the last drop.


Drinking Turkish coffee in Turkey

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