“You know you will not actually find a leprechaun in Ireland right?”

“Don’t’ be ridiculous! Of course I will at the very least glimpse a wee bearded fellow.”

Hubby grins and begins planning ways to appear he does not recognize me during our travels in Ireland. 

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher – Photo credit Tedi Lockwood

“Now if I were a leprechaun I should love a sip of Guinness beer. We might meet one straight away in Dublin at the Guinness factory.”

“Oh yes straight off the hop on hop off bus and sitting on a bar stool I imagine. Maybe Santa Clause will be next to him.” Hubby is seeming less than amused.

“I’m not planning to have so many Guinness that I see the jolly red man. However he does have a way with elves. I bet he could find a leprechaun in a jiffy. That would make a brilliant photo wouldn’t it?”

Hubby walks away shaking his head. Where is his sense of adventure?


find a leprechaun

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Now on the off chance you don’t know the leprechaun story, the Irish fairy loves mischief. My kind of guy.

Usually liking a quiet life, leprechauns spend time mending shoes and hiding their pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Should you catch a leprechaun, Irish folklore suggests you shall be granted three wishes in exchange for the leprechaun’s freedom.

I have no want to take a leprechaun hostage but I do like the idea of wishing for a sunny day to see the Irish Cliffs of Moher. Perhaps a calm day at sea to be able to sail to Skellig Michael?

Surely a leprechaun would be interested in hiking about an island where Star Wars – The Last Jedi was filmed.

Skellig Michael Ireland

Skellig Michael – Photo credit Tedi Lockwood

With no help from my less than enthusiastic leprechaun finding assistant, tactics for spying a wee man with a mischievous look are in progress.

7 ways to find a leprechaun

  1. Head to Ireland as there is no other spot on the planet to find a leprechaun. Ready to go!
  2. Some believe the miniature bearded men live in caves of mountains. Excellent we will watch for caves and hope large bears don’t live with leprechauns. Don’t tell me Ireland doesn’t have bears. Next you will say they don’t have leprechauns either.
  3. Others believe leprechauns live in the roots of trees. Well that seems like a tight squeeze but while hiking I will keep my eye to the ground.
  4. Some say leprechauns live near country lanes and have been spotted by cyclists. Although this isn’t a cycling trip perhaps we can rent a bike for the purpose of leprechaun watching.
  5. Leprechauns can live to be 300 years old. Surely at that age a leprechaun won’t be too speedy in slipping away.
  6. Leprechauns dress in green frocks with a hat with a big silver buckle on the front. I’m thinking that kind of outfit, no matter how small, may be eye catching.
  7. If you happen to see a rainbow, look for the black iron pot overflowing with gold coins. The leprechaun will surely be there guarding his treasure. All right not the most likely way to find a leprechaun but good to keep all options open.
Skellig Michael Ireland

Puffins on Skellig Michael. Or is that a leprechaun? Photo credit Tedi Lockwood


Will you be off to Ireland we go to find a leprechaun?