If Arthur Guinness could see it now. In 1759, when the father of 21 signed the 9000 year lease for his brewery, could he have imagined the scene? Visit Dublin declares this Dublin brewery tour the number one tourist attraction in all of Ireland.

As the masses pour in to the seven story historical beer showcase, one might think the last pint of Guinness beer on earth is being served this day.

Guinnness beer tour pouring

Arthur’s original lease at the price of 45 Irish pounds per year included a four acre space for the Dublin brewery. Now over 50 acres in size, the lease has been replaced when the Guinness purchased the land.

The Guinness Storehouse itself is shaped like a pint glass with staircases and escalators carrying thirsty tour goers to the top floor for a pint of the dark stuff. The floor also provides a panoramic view of Dublin.

Tips for Visiting the Guinness Dublin Brewery

Go first thing in the morning. Who wants to drink beer at 9 am? Not too many people. Our point exactly. If crowds are not your thing, morning is the time to head to the Guinness Storehouse.

If you truly don’t want to go in the morning, purchase ‘front of the line’ tickets before you arrive. Unlike on line tickets for a specific time the skip the line tickets direct you in front of the seemingly thousand or so people waiting for their chance at the famous Dublin brewery. Arthur Guinness certainly could never have imagined the scene.

Dublin brewery

Saturday afternoon at the Gravity Bar Guinness Storehouse

Use the audio guide in crowded times which are available on the ground floor. The Dublin brewery provides a variety of information boards, interactive tablets and animated screens. Strolling through with several hundred of your new beer loving friends, seeing the information can be challenging. With an audio guide there will be no need to elbow your way to the front of displays.

Watch your personal items. Our advice for any crowded area in any city is be wary of pick pockets. There is no specific history of a problem at the Guinness Storehouse. This is advice we give in any crowded situation.

Four Guinness Tour participants

Do we look happy to have found our pint of Guinness?

Where can I find the Guinness Storehouse?

The Dublin brewery is located at St James’s Gate, Ushers, Dublin 8. On  Saturday afternoon we can confirm you could follow the swarm of people like bees to honey. Information on transportation options and directions in Dublin can be found here.


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