Time travel is an astounding thing and so much more common than one imagines. One day you are holding a newborn and practically the next day you are celebrating that same newborn marrying the man of her dreams.

Oh it didn’t always seem like time went so quickly. This strong, confident daughter of ours was once the champion of all temper tantrum throwers. My fitness can be rooted in the shopping mall escapades of wrestling her out in alternating states of being a flopping fish or impersonating a solid piece of lumber.

She knew what she wanted and although the people staring as if an alien had landed in the shopping center made me want to melt into the ground, Robyn has always been a leader and never a follower.

Time seemed to travel slowly in her teen years when it seemed every second day my eyeball would fly out of my head while I nodded and listened and nodded some more to the ups and downs of  a girl who gathered friends like magnets. Our house exploded with kids, sometimes with those kind enough to ask us if I would like anything to eat while they perused the fridge. The days of driving kids seemed to go on and on.

Yet suddenly, as if overnight, she was an adult; confident, strong, compassionate, creative and beautiful. ( I know we are slightly biased.)

Our daughter’s wedding to her Prince Charming exceeded all expectations of celebration. The traditional Father Daughter wedding dance was no exception. For those of you convinced I am the wild and crazy one of the duo the illusion shall now be shattered.

Calgary Peace Bridge WeddingPhoto credit – Bretton Dyte Photography

Below is a video of the Dad and Daughter shenanigans thanks to our son.Things really get shaking at the 55 second mark. Watch for the well choreographed Macarena – Spice Girl transition. The big finale of the Gangnam style extravaganza is my personal favorite. No matter how many times I watch it I end up snorting with laughter.

Many of you were very kind as to do a dance to the sun gods for the wedding and we extend our sincere thanks for your efforts. The rain did stop late in the day, and turned to snow. Perhaps you were facing the wrong direction? Not to worry it only lead to more lively activities indoor as Dave has clearly demonstrated.