It’s not every day you see an 82 foot high dinosaur and his buddy hunkered down in town square. First time visitors to Drumheller, Alberta are prone to swerving off the main road as this greeting crew appear to be running over for a snack on their vehicle and occupants within. The pair are just two of endless Alberta roadside attractions that make your eyes pop at the sight.

Alberta Roadside attractions

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This city, known for one of the richest dinosaur fossil beds in the world, also boasts the ownership of the world’s largest dinosaur, more than four times bigger than a real Tyrannosaurus Rex would have been.

Drumheller Dinosaur

Climbing 106 steps inside Mr. T Rex, one can gaze out of the mouth and imagine what the prehistoric giant might want to eat next. Your car looks particularly tasty.


Alberta Roadside Attractions

Landmarks such as these are popping up all over Canada and no where more so than Alberta.T hroughout the western Canadian province, towns and cities have gone wild for community icons in an effort to promote their spot as one of a kind that visitors can not miss.



The town of Beaverlodge unveiled their 15 foot high giant beaver sculpture in 2004. Weighing more than 3000 pounds I suggest you keep your hands away from that pair of incisors. Promoted as a ‘must see’ when driving through Northwestern Alberta on the way to Alaska, stop to check out what 90 gallons of polyurethane can do for a beaver pelt.


Fahler Bee Huffington Post



The World’s largest bee can be found in the town of Fahler which claims to be the honey capital of Canada. More than 60,000 bee colonies produce over 10 million pounds of honey per year in the area. Small wonder if they all look like this. Standing 20 feet above the ground this insect is almost 23 feet long. Throw in some insect repellent to be on the safe side when visiting this stop of Alberta roadside attractions.



In St. Paul Alberta you can see the world’s first UFO Landing Pad. Built in 1967 as part of our country’s100 year birthday, the government of Canada declared this town, willing to welcome anyone, including those from outer space, the centennial capital of Canada. At 30 tons the platform should be able to withstand an alien invasion or two.

St Paul 2



Feeling a bit hungry after all of your traveling? Let’s stop in Mundare where a 42 foot high, 6 ton kielbasa (Ukrainian sausage) awaits. The giant frankfurter stands commemorating the 50 year history of Mundare’s meat processing plant. Built to withstand 160km/h winds it gives reassurance that while snapping photos you won’t be crushed to death by a giant wiener.



Not much of a meat eater? Let’s head over to Vegreville where th Alberta Roadside attractions include the largest pysanka in the world resides. The Ukrainian Easter egg measures 3 1/2 stories high. That’s some serious egg salad. The sculpture with it’s aluminum triangle tiles symbolizes harmony, vitality and culture and was built as a tribute to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who brought peace and security to this multicultural settlement.


Vulcan starship entrpriseThings not moving along fast enough for you? The town of Vulcan can transport you in their Vulcan Star ship FX6-1995-A, a replica of the original Star Ship Enterprise. Don’t count on a lot of speed as the 31 foot reproduction holds 41 square cubic yards of concrete. Stop by during the annual community-wide Star Trek convention known as Spock Days.  Original cast members have been known to show up including Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy. Live long and prosper my friends.

Drumheller Dinosaur


What is the most interesting roadside attraction you have seen?

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