Cycling in Asia? You must be completely mad! Isn’t it a thousand degrees with 100 percent humidity in south east Asia?

Ten years ago our bottom ends had not touched a bike seat in decades. I had no interest in cycling. It certainly didn’t conjure up fond thoughts of a holiday to perch upon one’s tush for hours on end through foreign countries.

As we begin our journey to the other side of the world our cycling in Asia adventure begins. It will be the sixth continent where cycling has been part of the vacation.

Amazing what can happen when a friend convinces you to give something a try.

Cycling in Asia-

Photo credit : Tedi Lockwood


We arrive to bustling Bangkok and then on to the sand and sun of Krabi. A little rest up and dose of Vitamin D on the stunning Thai beach town before the cycling in Asia adventure begins.

Then it will be a pull-on-your-big-girl-and-boy-cycling-shorts journey through three countries. With starkly different histories, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam will be our world to explore on two wheels.


Map cycling Thailand Cambodia Vietnam

From the frenetic pace of cities of Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh to the quiet patchworks of rice paddies and waterways. The magnificence of the Angkor Wat temples and the tragic history of the Cambodian Killing Fields will be ours to learn as the cycling in Asia tour winds through the three neighboring countries.

Statue Thailand

Photo credit Tedi Lockwood

Won’t it be hot though?  Well the short answer is yes by Canadian standards. However January is the coolest and driest month in the area. The average high of 30C seems similar to last week’s temperatures here which were -30C. More reason to acclimatize on a beach prior to beginning.

Is it safe to cycle in Asia? Be assured the trip is fully guided and supported. This means I can crawl or melt my way into the support van at any time.

Although some of the days are long rides, by my standard at 90km, I take heart in the description of the terrain as flat. No high altitude like cycling in Peru or slogging up the mountains of the Picos de Europa in Spain.

At the end of our Asia cycling tour Tokyo will be home for three nights. Hopefully we will find our way out of the the high speed train station in that time frame.

Reclining Budha

Photo credit Tedi Lockwood


We would love for you to come with us on our adventure in South East Asia. We will be posting frequently to Facebook and Instagram as well as a weekly post here on the blog. This is all depending on the goddess of Wifi so if we are silent enjoy the peace and quiet and we will reconnect soon.