Corton under the Tuscan sun

Welcome to Cortona one of the most well known hillside towns of Italy. In modern times made famous by Frances Mayes’ book Under the Tuscan Sun, the Etrusicans built this into one of their largest settlements. The base of the ancient city walls contain their original work. During the 13th to 16th century the town grew to it’s present size and currently holds a population of 2500.

Should you have thought that the cycling in Tuscany would never begin, take heart the main event begins with bike fitting in several hours. The population of Cortona will increase this evening by 12 excited cyclists and their trusty guides.

Cortona Under The tuscan Sun

Map 4 (Cortona)

1.Rome 2.Pompeii 3.Positano 4.Cortona 5.Montepulciano 6.Bagno Vignoni 7.San Casciano 8.Sorano  9.Orvieto 10.Camogli 11.Nice

Here in Tuscany postcard country, a smattering of tourists roam the impossibly steep paths from church to art gallery to church to restaurant to church. Are you getting the drift?

Cortona under the Tuscan sun

The tomatoes in my Caprese salad at lunch were so fresh I am certain they were grown in the back of the tiny restaurant. English is spoken less frequently and we have made brave, and likely very incorrect, attempts in basic Italian. As far a I can tell I have not yet asked for a rhinoceros for dinner.

Cortona under the Tuscan sun

Another expected effect of being in a less crowded and more remote spot would be the finicky attitude of Ms Wifi and her buddy internet connection. As I type I move about on top of pieces of furniture in our castle like headquarters built in the 1300s.

With ceilings 16 feet high there is no danger of banging my head on the wooden beams as laptop and I chase about the room for the signal. Ms Wifi seems happiest with me holding my laptop above my head while standing on the bed. Both the computer and I are doing our best not to sustain a significant injury.

San Michele Cortona

Now that I have had my dance with all of my technical friends the time has come to meet old friends and to make new ones.

Cycling friends

Enjoy the glimpses of beautiful Cortona. We spent the morning hiking to the very top to get the best views for you. The temperatures are much cooler here. The doves are cooing through the open window and the sounds of Italian conversations waft upward from the stone street below. We will toast your good health with a glass of delicious, local red wine at dinner tonight.

Cortona under the Tuscan Sun



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