Oh happy spring day in Canada when the familiar honking of the migration is heard overhead. Warm weather has surely arrived as the feathered V formations of the Canadian Geese land by the Bow River near our home.

Canada Goose Spring migration

With an estimated five to seven million of the species of Canadian Geese in North America (I don’t know how birds are counted but that seems to be quite the margin of error) they migrate back in swarms, herds and droves to Calgary. Yes, yes I know the word is ‘flock’ but that does not do the scene justice.

Spring Canadian Geese Arrive

Apparently Canadian Geese have caught the travel bug and are also are seen in the UK, parts of Europe and even in New Zealand. How pray tell did they manage that kind of journey? As stowaways on the Queen Mary Cruise ship? “Excuse me please I am a Canadian Goose and as part of the Commonwealth I believe I deserve safe passage.”

Canada Goose

Oh it’s all well and happy with the Canadians and their geese until nesting season. We are gleeful at the sight of the migration for surely the snow shoveling has come to an end. We play nicely on the paths together, the humans, euphoric that the Canadian uniform of goose down sleeping bag coat (don’t tell the goose), can be packed away for the season.

Canadian Geese Spring migration

Chatting it up with my Canadian Geese friends

Initially cooperative about sharing the pathway with runners and cyclists, the mood of the goose changes dramatically when the little yellow fluff balls appear on the river bank.

Canada goose and goslings

Initial sightings of the wee goslings leaves runners and cyclists smiling and ‘Awwwwing’ at the cuteness of this new life appearing where once the four foot snow bank lay. However Mama and Papa goose are about to alter the game rules on the shared pathway.

Canadian Geese with their six foot wing spans, become the defenders of all things goose like.

Goslings Canadaina Geese

That would include the river, it’s banks and a ten foot berth on either side of said goose and particularly the fuzzy yellow goslings. Nothing like a runner, or worse a cyclist, to get the protective birds in a kerfuffled state of alarm.

Family Canada Goose

Honking is replaced by hissing and ‘Lunge for a Kneecap’ is a favorite goose game to play. Cyclists and runners often appear intoxicated weaving between goose droppings, while trying to keep their lower limbs free of clinging beaks and flapping, battering-ram wings.

Canada Goose attack

Arriving back home the honking of Canadian Geese overhead now is no longer happy migration music but more reminiscent of some Alfred Hitchcock horror film.

That’s all right. While ensuring my kneecaps are intact I will soothe my nerves looking at this spring cutie.

Canada baby rabbit

Hopefully some crazed Mama rabbit with razor sharp teeth doesn’t clamp on to my calf. I’ll stand back to be on the safe side.

Baby geese

Any spring appearances in your part of the world?

Are you on Pinterest? I made this pin for you. 🙂

Pinterest Canada Goose