Little else is more makes the presence of a tourist more obvious than snapping photos of local signs. I am sorry. I could not resist the Australia signs. I might have as well been wearing my Tilly hat, three camera bags and clutching a fold out map.

I screeched from the back seat on numerous occasions as if a Funnel Web spider had stood on it’s back legs to attack me.

“Stop the car! I see more Australian road signs!”

australia signs kangaroo

According to the Australian government there are more than 34 million kangaroos in the country. Therefore one should spot a roo every few steps thinks the Canadian tourist. Wrong! While 34 million is a massive number, the worlds’ 6th largest country has a lot of acres for them to hop about in.

Consequently my shrieks were both for the signs and the hope of spotting a kangaroo hopping along nearby. Under the sign preferably please and thank you.


Don't touch asutralia signs

No place on earth are there more creatures you might lose your life to should you touch them. Prior to traveling down under I expected sagas of Red Back spiders under toilet seats causing me to scream as if a crocodile had clamped on my ankle.

That story would only be outdone by the close encounter with the Taipan snake when with a single bite of venom took down 200 sheep.

Sadly from a literary standpoint we did not see a single deadly creature in the wild. Probably a good thing from a health perspective.


Australia signs

The best of the Australia signs

While many Australia road signs are intriguing, the koala sign left my car mates hearing impaired.


Less of a request than a threat to actually leap out the window. Hence there was yet another diligent driver maneuver. Most noteworthy about Australia signs that announce koalas is the fact that koalas are masters of hiding.


Australian Road signs

Due to the gawking of open mouthed tourists along Australia’s Great Ocean Road, these road signs are placed every 3 feet along the highway. While that is a slight exaggeration, those new to driving on the left are consequently grateful for the frequency.


Australia signs snake

Due to my lack of desire to meet Mr. Show Off  Taipan I-can-kill-200-sheep-in-a-go snake, this sign received more respect. Most noteworthy was the placement of the sign. Rather coincidentally it was near a ‘stay on the path’ sign. Seems like a very effective method to have people follow the rules.  I definitely did.

Creative Australia signs

Australia signs

Since we hoped to see many unusual animals, maybe this sign should not have come as a surprise. Who knew Australia had dragons? Can anyone tell me what the animal in the top right is?

Finally a little giggle on the way to the Australian loo.

Funny Australia signs

Have you seen any funny signs in your travels?