On family vacation, when our adult niece and nephew invite us to go ATV riding in Mexico, it takes half a millisecond for us to reply “YES!”

Admittedly we have reached the age when anyone under 35 asks us to do anything with them we consider it a huge compliment.

I am a rule follower. What is that you say? Aren’t you the mad as cut snakes lady? Even when beginning a wild adventure I inquire, some might say demand, the guidelines.

On arrival at the sand dunes where ATVs can be rented my insistence on details begin. Mr. ATV rental man and I begin our discussion.

“Do I need to sign a waiver?”

“Oh yes I will get you one and you can sign for everyone.” Well that saves on paper doesn’t it.

I don’t see any helmets among the rows of the rows of colorful ATVs.

” You do have helmets right?”

“We can get you helmets if you want.” I’m thinking a head injury would really put a damper on the holiday.

ATV off roading Mexico

“But it says on the waiver we need to wear helmets.”

Shrug of the shoulders from Mr. ATV rental man.

“How old do you have to be to drive an ATV?” I carry on with my interrogation, I mean questions.

“It doesn’t matter to us lady.”

“Well we have some kids with us back at the house so I was just wondering how much they needed to weigh to ride an ATV in Mexico.”

“Listen lady. This is Mexico. They can be as heavy or as light as you want. The parents decide if they can go ATV riding in Mexico or not.”

ATV Riding in Mexico

Point taken and my cross examination now over we get on our assigned ATVs. My helmet feels like it may compress my brain out my eyeballs. I decide it best not to push my luck by asking for a different size.

As I wiggle the head gear over my flattened ears I do hope they might pop back to regular shape later in the day.

For good measure I yell back at the attendant “Is there anywhere we shouldn’t go?”

“Don’t drive in the ocean!” Good plan although at this point I am feeling he is hopeful I might take a swim and not return for further questioning of Mexican ATV protocol.

Mexico ATV

“Oh and if you break it you pay!” That rule seems universal.

Are you a rule follower?

Big thanks to these two youngsters above for getting us out on the dunes.