Statues of London

There will be a brief intermission in the tales from Scotland to answer Ailsa’s quest for STATUES

After leaving Aberdeen like whirling dervishes, we arrived in London. Stepping out of the Tube (underground subway), this first time visitor emerged from the darkness and stood dazed and amazed at what instantly appeared. Centuries of history and at every turn …statues.

We will return to the regular Scottish programming shortly. There is a brand new statue that doesn’t fit with the historical theme. It arrived in London last year. Can you find it?





73 thoughts on “Statues of London

    • Linda you are reading my mind. I was just thinking that at some point I would do a post titled “what’s up with the blue chicken?” or something to that effect. Maybe another reader will help us out with what it all means. Thanks so much for your visit and comment.


  1. It’s a giant blue cockerel,according to those in the know! Apparently the statue pokes amiable fun at the vainglorious statues of men. Obviously I stole that quote as my vocabulary is limited to four letter words!?


    • Haha! I think it would be very challenging to sneak that blue bird in Andrew. Definitely an eye catcher. I thought perhaps the Canadians might take the blame as he sits across from Canada house :)


  2. So spring really does exist somewhere in the world? Maybe you could bring it back to Canada with you and share it with the rest of us.
    Thanks for the clue about the big blue rooster. Even after being told it was there, I had to really look for it. A great example of how we tend to see only the things we are looking to see!


    • Joanne I wish the weather would follow that is for sure. We just arrived home and the snow is falling…again. I will do a post down the road with more photos of Mr Blue but I agree I purposefully had him hidden in this one. :)


  3. I’m oddly fond of our great big blue rooster. I’m told by people who know that the fourth plinth – on which said rooster currently sits – that it’s being reserved for a statue of the Queen when she dies. In the meantime, it’s carried all sorts of interesting pieces – including one period where people could book 15 minutes to stand on it and do whatever they wanted. I’m not normally a fan of modern art, but I think I’ll be quite sad when Liz takes up residence and brings to an end all that cheerful eccentricity.


  4. Oh, and meant to say – there was a question on a general knowledge quiz show we have here the other day, which asked what colour the “giant cock” was. Much hilarity ensued.


    • Thanks Jo! What a whirlwind and we are actually back in Calgary. Lots of stories to share and photos too. Guess what/ It is snowing here. I really did enjoy the green grass and daffodils of the UK. Are you having rain today?


  5. I love the rooster! I was staying in Trafalagar square a couple months ago and got some nice evening shots of it with it lit up and the traffic whizzing around it. Your first shot at Buckingham palace looks like the “creative”s shots I was trying at Buckingham palace– except mine didn’t come out as nice and I ended up losing my spare camera battery with all the positions I was crouching in!


    • Kristin that made me laugh, although losing a battery is no fun, at you crouching about at Buckingham Palace. We were there for the changing of the guard so there wasn’t much crouching room due to every tourist in London being in one spot at the same time :) I would love to see your rooster shots. I have some more and perhaps a future rooster post is in order :)


  6. I spotted the blue bird, but thought it was a peacock until I read some of the other comments. Hoping to pop down to London at the end of April so I shall definitely look out for this. It’s been a while since I was a tourist in London so hoping to find some interesting stuff to photograph. Any tips?
    Jude xx


    • Jude I think that blue bird has lots of potential. What about trying to get some interesting angle of the London Eye? Also from Trafalgar Square where the blue bird is, Big Ben can be seen in the distance. I don’t know enough about photography but I think you could do some interesting perspective shots.


    • I appreciate your kind comment. In future posts on the London trip I will do my best to include others. I was posting from my iPad and really struggling with the latest WordPress App update. Ahh well. Glad I was able to share these and that you enjoyed them.


    • Thank you very much Marianne. This was my first visit to London and I was surprised how some of them seemed familiar just from photos and video. I appreciate your visit and kind words.


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